Budapest, Hungary

"The number 2 is an important number in Budapest...", I heard this line several times on board the Hop On Hop Off bus while touring Budapest. The audio tour guide continues to explain that Budapest is made up of 2 halves, one part Buda, the rural part and the other half Pest, the more modern part, also, the metro in Budapest is the 2nd oldest in Europe after the subway in London, so on and so forth...Hence, the number 2 signifies a lot of important facts in Budapest. 

For me the number 2 signifies another thing. Two is the number of days that would be perfect to completely appreciate the rustic beauty and character of Budapest.  

What We Did

Hop On Hop Off, Walking Tour, Danube River Cruise, Bath !!!

The Hop On Hop Off Bus is always the first stop on all of our trips. We take this to familiarise ourselves with the area. It is also our chance to know how accessible are the tourist spots from our hotel. By knowing our bearings early, we get to feel more confident of being oriented with the place and less frightened with getting lost. Always a good way to start a trip. Cost: 5000 Hungarian Forint ( 17€ ), this includes the river cruise.

I always tell my wife and our friends that my main goal when visiting a new place is to feel the culture (food and people) and get a glimpse of how it is to live in their country. Photos with the landmarks come in second, but still is important (proof of visit, but never bragging rights -  too old for that). Free walking tours would get you both, the culture and the landmarks. I like this activity a lot. Through the walking tour, I get a shortcut course on the city and country. Aside from that, I can ask questions from the always, young and capable tourist guides. On this trip, our guide was Endre. He was very knowledgable about Budapest, frank, and very funny. We only availed of the half-day tour. But amidst the tight schedule, Endre managed to take us to landmarks that were rich with history and intrigue, and with a few Hungarian language lessons also, made it an excellent tour. We gave Endre a 15tip, but up to now, I think it was not enough. Excellent job Free Budapest Walking Tour Team !  Cost is free, but please do give these guys a break. Don't just tip them. Tip them a lot.

The best way to see the Danube River and the sites along it is  to ride on a River Cruise when it's dark and the Matthias Church, Szechenyi Chain Bridge, Buda Castle, and the Parliament are all lighted. The reflection of these lighted landmarks on the Danube is exquisite. Cost is incorporated with the 5000 Hungarian Forint you'll pay for the Hop On Hop Off Bus. Now that's affordable!

And last but not the least... Actually, it's the most perfect way to end a fun filled and busy trip to Budapest. The Szechenyi Bath and Spa Budapest. I won't explain why it's the most perfect way, you must expereince it yourself. Rustic and Lovely experience. Thank you Budapest.

Where We Stayed

Trendy Deluxe Apartments

Address : 
Kiraly utca 10., 06. Terézváros
Budapest, 1061

How To Get There : 
1:45h plane ride from Geneva to Budapest Hungary via Easyjet and twenty (30) minutes taxi ride to Hotel

Contact Nos : 


Reference Website :

Cost for 3 nights : 

168 Euros (Rate at the time of our stay for room good for four (4). No breakfast)

Wifi : Yes
Wifi Speed : Fast enough to watch youtube videos.

Our Rating: Excellent

Where We Dined

Budavari Matyas Etterem

Address :  1014 Fortuna Street 4 Budapest Hungary

Cost : 3850 HUngarian Forint or 13.40 € (Total Cost for 3 dishes and a soup, Beef and Risoto, and a beer) .... I can live here!!!

Reference Website: http://www.budavarimatyasetterem.hu

Our Rating: Very Good Food. Affordable price. Although the waiter said they were renovating the place that's why the food was cheaper and we were seated at a temporary area. Nevertheless, if it's double on the price normally, it is still affordable considering the quality of food served to us.   

Wifi : I didn't ask...


On itineraries and activities 

  • To enjoy 2 full days in Budapest, leave on Friday afternoon, enjoy Budapest on Saturday and Sunday, and leave on Monday morning. 
  • Give the Walking Tour Guides Big Tips. They deserve it.
  • Never miss going along the Danube River during the night. Beautiful view.
  • Make a taxi reservation rather than flagging one down along the street. 
  • Walk rather than taking the metro. Cheaper and the Budapest is not sa big to go around.

I have never expected something less than this from you and you have not disappointed me at all.


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