Lyon, France

What a fitting way to start this blog! Our first post is about lights. Most of us know light as a symbol of hope, renewal, rebirth, safety, clarity, goal - all positive attributes. Last December 8, 2012, we went to Lyon France to watch the Festival of Lights. It's an annual event of the city which has its origins way back in the 17th century to commemorate the day the Lyon was consecrated to the Virgin Mary.  Before it was just candles on the windows of the houses. Now it has evolved into a spectacle of all forms of Light, from mere Christmas lights to magnificient artistic lighted installations to lasers and outstanding high definition outdoor projected movies
We went on the evening of the 8th of December, the culmination of the festival. There were so many people in the streets leading to the city squares where the light installations were on display and the light shows were shown. We just watched one light show. Minutes before the show started, the roads leading to the square were closed to control the people coming in to watch. The show we watched lasted around 10 minutes (View Video at Right) . The roads were opened after the show, and closed again before the next show started - Still the same show. We loved it.

Where We Stayed

Premiere Classe Hotels

Address : 12 Chemin de Montribloud, Tassin-la-Demi-Lune, France
How to Get There : 2:30 hours drive from Vevey Switzerland via Geneva to Lyon, France
Contact Nos : 0892707288
Website: http://www.premiere-classe-lyon-ouest-tassin.fr/en/index.aspx
Cost per night : 60 Euros (Rate at the time of our stay)
Wifi : Yes
Our Rating: Good Value for Money

Our room was small. When we arrived, we got one double room thinking that the four of us (2 Adults 2 Kids) would fit only to get another after viewing the first room. The size explains the price. Fortunately, what the room lacked, the comfort of the bed  and the WIFI speed compensated. 

Where We Dined 

Restaurant Le Vieux 

Address : 44r Saint Jean 69005 Lyon France
Contact Nos : 04 78424889
Cost : 22 Euros (For my Festival Menu - inclusive of salad, main course, dessert)
Reference Website: http://www.lyonresto.com/restaurant-Lyon/restaurant-Le-Vieux-Lyon-Lyon/restaurant-Le-Vieux-Lyon-Lyon-7489.html
Our Rating: Good Value for Money
Wifi : No

We ate in Restaurant Le Vieux, a Bouchon. A Bouchon is type of restaurant that serves traditional dishes of Lyon. It was our first taste of traditional Lyonnaise dishes. The dishes I ordered were all delicious. Though, I'm not a chef nor a credible critique, but I'm pretty confident with my tastes in food.

I Tasted :
Salade de Lentilles et Cervelas - Salad of Lentils and Sausages
Pave de Boeuf Sauce Poivre Vert - Beef Slab of Steak with Green Peppercorns
Fomage Blanc a la Creme - White Cheese with Cream
Mousse au Chocolat - Chocolate Mousse


On the event, where we stayed, and where we dined

  • Streets leading to the squares where light shows were shown were crowded. If your bringing your kids, make sure to keep them away from the streets with packed crowds.
  • It is normal for Bouchon restaurants to have cues or long lines during lunch times. Do not be turned-off, fall in line, it's worth the wait.

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